Less than One Micron.  Absolute Oil Cleaning.

 Over 3600 G’s will do that…



Oils contain a variety of contaminants, especially waste oils. Metal shavings from engines, dirt, debris and other water causes oil to loose it’s viscosity and it’s effectiveness. We cannot afford to discard oil anymore. The political, economical and environmental costs are too large, especially when there is an easy solution for cleaning oil.



Sand, waxes, metal, flour, gummes, and other solid contaminants destroy oil. Filters are messy, the are a pain and add recurring expenses that can be avoided. And, most filters do not clean to an “Absolute” micron level. Most of the ratings you see are Nominal. This means that if a filter states 10 micron, it’s likely nominal, meaning that it catches 50% of the contaminants 10 Micron or less during that first pass. That’s not a small oversight when you are re-using the oil in engines with Absolute tolerances on injectors.

Read more on Absolute vs. Nominal oil cleaning here.

If you want to protect your equipment, tools and engines, you need Absolute oil cleaning.  That’s what this Oil Centrifuge offers shops, factories and home users looking to make their own fuel from waste oils. It works on virgin oil too, so freshly pressed oil can be cleaned very fine with an oil centrifuge.

More-so, this centrifuge is able to clean less than one micron by just running the oil slower.  You can take absolutely everything out of the oil…cleaning it to a pristine or new. That’s what machine filtering and high g forces will do.



Water doesn’t mix with oil. It can be emulsified, but that is difficult to do…and can be broken.   Water can be settled out, that’s the first step at removing water, especially large amounts. However, there’s some water that’s suspended…hanging in the oil and won’t settle. The oil centrifuge will extract that residual water that is too time consuming or impossible to remove without expensive filters.  Even small amounts of water pit injectors and injection pumps, clog filters and destroy our oil, so it’s important to remove all of the water. Antifreeze and other liquid contaminants will be completely removed by the centrifuge, so long and they are more dense than the oil.


Save Time and Money

Effective at saving you time and money. You’ll be able to drastically reduce oil costs and never buy a filter again. Also, your time is Just turn the centrifuge on and let it do the work. Leave unattended and come back to barrels of clean oil.

 Oil Centrifuge Customer Quotes

 This is a great tool for anyone wanting to produce high grade fuel.

-Jeff S.

…my heated 10u racor 6120 filter that is installed inline within the wvo system of my merc is presenting initial signs of clogging (fuel starvation on extreme acceleration). This is after almost 30K miles on wvo cleaned by a single-pass though the centrifuge at approx 15 gal/hr. Very impressive!


I went from changing filters on my truck about every 5000 km to now I get a min of 30,000 km and have done over 40,000 km.


There are no messy filters. The end product is a very clean fuel not possible with a filter system.