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3 Step Process for Burning WVO as Fuel

wvo_truck_alternative_fuel_cutStep 1: Get the Right Vehicle –

It has to be a diesel!  In 1895 Rudolph Diesel Created the Diesel engine to run on Peanut oil.  He wanted to allow small scale farmers a way to fuel the equipment.

Now WVO(waste vegetable oil) and other biofuels are much thicker(viscous) than standard diesel, so special fuel system modifications are required.

Not all Diesels can run WVO or biofuel.

Some diesel Fuel systems have different mechanisms that fail with WVO and Biodiesel.  These are specifically new models that have trap oxidizers and special emission adaptations.

Great Alternative Fuel Diesel Vehicles that Can Run WVO are:

– Diesel Trucks from the 80s and 90s – Ford/Dodge/Chevy

– 1980s era Mercedes Diesels – 300D, 300SD, 300SD

– 1990s Volkswagon Diesels


Step 2: Get Oil –WVO_Cubie_Box

Back in 2008, before commercial Biodiesel was a big thing, restaurants were paying to have oil hauled away.  The early adopters of WVO came in with an offer to take their oil for free, and thus had a new supply.

Gone are those days, as now you are lucky to find a restaurant to let you take it for free.

WVO is a Commodity often fetching $2.50/gallon on the bulk market.

But don’t be discouraged!  We all have favorite chowhouses, and in many people’s experience, they local restaurants are happy to support your cause over the industrial haulers.

If that angle doesn’t work you can:

– Offer to bring your family and friends to eat.

– Sport a restaurant sign on your alternative fuel WVO Vehicle

– Powerwash the grease dumpster area

– Offer to pay a fair rate( not more than $1 gallon)


nice_barrel_centrifuge_setupStep 3: Refine the oil –

French fry bits and corn flour remains and water will wreak havoc on a fuel system, so you need to refine the oil you get from restaurants.

It’s a process you are going to Pre-filter and de-water our WVO in order to burn the oil without destroying our vehicles.

There are hundreds of ways people have come up with to pre-filter oil. While it can be quite confusing, it is nice to have options and that you can design a filtration process that meets your budget, lifestyle and abilities.

The easiest way I’ve found is using a continuous flow centrifuge.  It pulls out all of the common contaminants in WVO, and makes a nice fuel for your vehicle.

Folks, this is the most important part, aside from getting the right vehicle, you have to ensure your oil is fuel ready.  That is where many people fail and reduce the life of their vehicles.

I know guys who have over 200,000 miles run on vegetable oil, same engine.

So after you get the vehicle, oil and cleaning done, it’s time to…fill up and drive.


Bonus Step: Join the Community

Many friends, business partners and great relations happen through the community of people successfully burning waste oil as fuel.

The internet is a big reason for the development of this alternative fuel,  it’s important to share war stories and hacks to get make alternative fuels more successful.

Please share this post to spread the word to other folks who may be interested in reducing fossil fuels and their impacts.


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