Basic Oil Centrifuge


Let the Machine Do The Work

  • Cleans Fine Particulates(<1 micron) from a Variety of Fluids, Proven Around the World with WVO and WMO Waste Oils.
  • Gravity Fed, Single Pass.  Send Oil Through Once and It’s Clean
  • Available in 120V or 230V.  Centrifuge runs at 300W.
  • 3450 RPM Model [1300g]
  • Best Support and Warranty in the Industry!
  • In Stock and Shipping Now!
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  • Centrifuges are Packed and Shipped within 2 Business Days

  • Weight is about 50lbs

  • Package is 20x14x16 inches


wvo_centrifuge_oil_topThe Ultimate Oil Cleaning Machine

Clean a Variety of Fluids – You’ll gain the ability to produce fuel quality oil from a variety of waste oils including waste motor oil, waste vegetable oil, ATF and hydraulic oil.

Extract Dirt and Water – Remove particles and unwanted fluids with this powerful and effective tool,  processing up to 25 gallons/hour!

Save Time – Automatically clean oil while watching football or playing with the kids

Top Notch Service and Support – Gain access to remarkable customer support and an industry leading warranty


Additional Specifications:

Cleaning Flow Rate: 5-25 gallons/hour(19-95 liters/hour)

*Cleaning Rate depends on factors like heat and how dirty the oil is to begin with

Overall Height: 18″

Overal diameter: 18″

Hose Fittings: 3/4″ hose barb fittings included

Rated for Continuous Use

Handles a variety of fluids – Water, diesel, WVO, Motor Oil, Biodiesel, ATF, Gear Oil, etc.

Rated up to 400*F

Motors run at 300W

Bowls Are Cleaned By Stopping and Draining.  Once solids build up, the bowl is easily removed by one nut, and can be scraped or rinsed with anything safe for aluminum.

Motors –

All of our motors are now custom made in the US by a leading motor manufacturer in the world.   

  • *Sealed, high speed Bearings.  Good up to 10,000 RPM
  • *Double Sealed Shafts
  • *Factory Rated 20 Year Service Life
  • *Inverter Rated
  • *Cast Iron End Bells for Rigidity

-Basic Model Motor

  • *3450 RPM
  • *150 Watts, 60Hz 120V
  • *.33 horsepower
  • *Pre-wired Plug and on/off switch included

-Extreme Model Motor

  • *6000 RPM
  • *250 Watts, 60Hz 230V, 3 – phase *Note – 120V or 230V single phase controller included with purchase
  • *.33 horsepower
  • *Wiring not included

Housing and Legs

  • *Durable Aluminum Construction
  • *Lifetime Warranty
  • *Oil Compatble – resistant to polymerization
  • *3/4″ Threaded Ports(hose barbs included)


  • *High Quality Aluminum Cast Rotor
  • *Includes 3 drain holes for contaminants
  • *22oz debris holding capacity
  • *Polished to perfection
  • *Go 100s of gallons without cleaning
  • *8 inch Diameter, 2 inch height
  • *Quick-release torque nut

Seals and Hardware

  • *Viton Seals – good up to 400*F, Biofuel Safe
  • *Quality hardware
  • *Steel Fittings

Additional information

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120, 230