Light Oil Portable Oil Transfer Pump – Massive Gears


Self Priming and Fast Oil Pump – For Medium and Light Oils

  • Reduce Wait Time – Pumps 25 Gallons in 1 Minute
  • Heavy Duty For Dirty and Tough Jobs
  • Reliable – 20yr Lifespan on the Motor
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If you are looking for an oil pump that allows you to combine speed, convenience, and flexibility all in one useful tool, you will find all you need and more in the high-quality portable light oil transfer pump. Not only is this gear pump self-priming, but it can also move your viscous oil at speeds up to 25 gallons per minute.

At 45lbs, the transfer oil pump is one of the most easily portable options available, and can be used even in tight spaces with limited maneuverability. The electric motor is built to last, pumping oil at high speeds in rough conditions.

Investing in a gear pump for your business can help you raise productivity and efficiency by eliminating the wasted time and effort needed with a bulkier, slower oil pump.

There will be no lengthy start up process, because you can simply plug in the power cord and turn it on. You will have no need to stand around waiting while the oil is sluggishly pumped out because this fast action pump will finish the job in minutes.

The portable pump can go virtually anywhere, offer high performance for the toughest, dirtiest jobs, and work fast to allow you to accomplish more than ever in your work day.

Additional Specs:
*Weight:  45lbs
*Self Priming
*Suction Height: 15ft
*Push Lift Height: 90ft
*Reversible – Rewire or add a switch to allow dual directional flow!
*Duty Cycle: Continuous
*Priming: Self priming
*25gpm(90 liters/min): 1″ threaded ports
*Pump needs oil to lubricate the gears. Will not work with water.

Motor Specs
*Output: 1 HP
*Speed: 3450 RPM
*Volts: 120  (comes prewired for 120)

Pumphead Specs
*1″ NPT Ports
*Stainless Steel 1.25″ Hose Barbs Included (fits 1.25″ hose kit)
*No Pressure Regulator

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs


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