Fryer Oil Gear Pump


4 Gallons/Minute(15l)

3/4HP Motor

2.5m Head pressure

1/2″ Ports



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Introducing the AFM Frying Oil Pump – the epitome of innovation for the service industry. Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, this self-priming, positive displacement pump boasts a robust construction of cast-iron , ensuring durability even in high-temperature environments.

Designed specifically for hot oil or frying oil filtration with a capability of handling temperatures up to 375°F, our pump proudly meets NSF-listing requirements. It’s the ideal companion for a diverse range of commercial fat fryer applications, offering impeccable performance in hot oil cooking, filtering, and waste oil rendering.

Key Features:

– **NSF-Listed Excellence:** Our pumps adhere to NSF-listed standards, including NSF-accepted paint tailored for hot oil cooking applications, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. CE motor

– **Versatile Operation:** Experience the flexibility of bi-directional operation, allowing seamless integration into various processes.

– **Powerful Performance:** With the ability to handle pressures up to 40 PSI (configurable motors) and flow rates reaching 8.2 gallons per minute, this pump delivers unparalleled performance.

– **High-Temperature Resilience:** Operating temperatures up to 375°F make this pump a reliable choice for demanding environments.

– **Efficient Design:** The non-clogging Teflon roller design ensures smooth and hassle-free operation, while suction lift capabilities reach up to 7.5 feet of head.

– **Application Versatility:** While perfect for NSF hot oil applications, this pump is also suitable for non-NSF hot oil scenarios involving non-particulate and non-abrasive fluids compatible with its construction materials.

– **Safety Assured:** AC ODP single-phase motors come equipped with thermal overload protection, providing an added layer of safety.

– **Flexible Installation:** Ports can be conveniently rotated either vertically or horizontally to suit your specific setup.

Please note that the AFM Frying Oil Pump is not intended for use with water-based fluids. Elevate your restaurants with a pump designed for reliability, efficiency, and compliance.